Black student experiences



PhD Study (Ethical Approval by University of Nottingham)

Driven by design, participation and critical theories, leading to methods that centre participant voice and allow for creativity.

Call for Participants

If so, I'd love to invite you to participate!

This is a creative evolving study, as it goes on co-creators can still join to feedback on anything created from the contributions of the first group of participants. You don't need to be a designer to participate; all are welcome! I'm seeking additional co-creators to review content and provide your valuable thoughts and opinions as the study develops!

There are opportunities to get stuck into the design side of things (no skills required) or just simply to share your thoughts!

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I'm currently inviting Black undergraduates to participate in my PhD study. I've been using design-led methods that embrace co-creation and participatory activities to explore students' valuable insights and experiences.

As a designer and researcher, I will use what I know about design, researching the topic, other academic interests, and insights from participants' experiences to create something that reflects these learnings. Design allows me to share Black student voice creatively, in a way that speaks to both participants and the wider student and academic community.
Uni is a challenging time for so many students across the UK. It can be particularly challenging for undergraduate students as they transition to a new environment. For Black students, there are unique challenges that can impact their university experience.Currently, there are limited research opportunities for Black students to explore these challenges and their experiences in their own voice and on their own terms.

This results in limited chances for Black students to allow hidden and community knowledge to arise and share strategies that may aid in overcoming these challenges, as well as the chance to speak back to those who need to hear their message.

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